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An expert horsewoman with a unique vision and years of experience in riding, training, coaching, and rehabbing horses—

Dr. Maria Katsamanis is one of the world’s most sought after experts in a variety of fields, from equine psychology and classical dressage training to her unique brand of transcendental horsemanship.

It is hard to miss the blonde hair and occasional Greek—

but the most unusual thing about Maria Katsamanis, and about her clinics, is the extraordinary rapport that she establishes with each horse within minutes of introduction. Her philosophy is completely about the horse.

The activity of riding presents us with unique challenges

These challenges are not only physical ones, such as endurance and strength, but also the mental challenges of concentration, presence, and for many, contending with the fear factor. A simple web search reveals the volumes of instructional materials available to horse enthusiasts on the topic of rider balance, fitness, and improving ones “mental game” 

warm bloodsThis article was originally published in Warmbloods Today in the column titled Warmblood Whispers

This month’s reminder from Baba has to do with — Mounting up!

Every airplane flight requires that its pilots conduct a pre-flight check. This necessary and potentially life-saving procedure consists of a thorough and rather monotonous review of flight systems before take-off.

This month the lesson that came up with Baba had to do with — Saddling up for the Spring!

So you have done your best, through the winter, to keep yourself and your horse on a program. Despite, frigid temperatures and low motivation at times you managed to make it through and looking ahead to brighter days. Spring is just around the corner and so is the prospect of hunter paces, show grounds, trail rides and beautiful warm days for riding. The coming of Spring for many can also mean a twinge of nervousness at the idea of the first outing in the open. We may have experienced that pinch in the stomach watching our horse in the field, when there is no ice or snow, snorting and full of life— gripped by both awe and trepidation.

This month the lesson that came up with Baba had to do with — Knowing when enough is enough!

When during a ride, is it time to stop? When is it enough?

Many of us have the idea that a successful riding session has a time stamp on it. We plough through trying to make the last 20 minutes of our hour long session. We may even notice how winded we are, or cranky our horse has become as the minutes roll and yet we plug on.

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