The Best of Modern Engineering Married to Classic Old World Design

The MYTHOS Tack Collection

For Enthusiasts Interested in Modern Tack and Saddle Comfort that Maximizes the Wellness of the Horse


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Mythos Tack Collection is the signature collection of world-renowned horse trainer Dr. Maria Katsamanis. This tack line merges the best of modern advances with old world design to bring comfort, freedom of movement and elegance.


"The horse gets the good news and you get the great ride!”


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I am so excited to share Mythos Tack Collection. It is my signature collection. It has been developed as a result of many years of experience working with horses and humans in a classical foundation. My committment is to bring the very best in creating comfort for the horse and rider, maximizing balance and freedom of movement. This tack line is an extension of the values I have maintained in the equestrian community bringing cutting-edge products and services. The tack collection includes...

  • Mythos Klassical Saddle 
  • Deluxe Royale Lead Line 
  • Mythos Lunge line   
  • Mythos Saddle Pad 
  • Mythos Posture Chaps
  •  and more....

All specifically made for the perfect feel, elegance and safety in working with your horse.

** Also, MK Tack Collection is the only place to purchase my patented Postural Chaps. ** 

~ Dr. Maria Katsamanis

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Did you know?.....

  • A Classical seat is a seat that can effect the lengthening of the horses frame, the reach of the hind legs, and much much more JUST BY A RIDERS POSTURING and POSITION
  • Committing to the idea of "No pushing or pulling" as Dr. Maria advocates leaves one with one simple option of how to ride.....YOUR SEAT as primary. And then there is the soul... this combo allow us to harness the ultimate connection!
  • If we know that possibility exists why then do we continue to push and pull on our horses??
  • When the horse is comfortable and the riders position is correct the pair just seem to move like a beautiful dance couple.
  • Riding in the classical tradition does not have to be a mystery, or just for a select breed or even requiring a hefty high budget.
  • Did you know that the equipment you use can impair or block your body’s ability to achieve the ideal strong position” that creates balance and comfort for your horse ?
  • Dr. Maria has developed this tack line to help the rider body-brain process adjust quickly to ensure that YOU are not the reason your horse is not comfortable in your ride

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Did you know?...

On the Mythos Postural Chaps

  • Don't these look like ordinary riding chaps? Oh but no- These chaps are engineered to ensure that you are sitting in 'The-Most-Optimal' position.
  • Remember, there IS an avatar position.
  • There is a way to sit on your horse that:
    • minimize the pushing and pulling on your horse,
    • helps them balance,
    • improve their gaits,
    • prevents physical problems for the horse due to undue load from rider imbalances
  • These riding chaps allow the rider to develop the feel and achieve that "Avatar" position with crystal -clear- clarity.
  • In this "Avatar" position horse and human become One

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