2024 Education Series with Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Newly released dates for upcoming clinics and workshops at Dr. Maria's homebase farm in Hopewell, New Jersey
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Webinar on Advancements in Riding Posture with Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Webinar on Applications of Vagus Nerve Function for Equine Wellness

Horseless Workshops:

January- All About Saddles: Basics 101

February-Riding Posture Basics: 101 and Beyond Tutorial: Using the Equicizer to Improve Your Riding Fitness

March - How Horses Learn: The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching Horses
               Classical vs Competitive Riding
               On Rethinking Riding
               Balanced Riding for the Amateur Rider

April - Book Signing for the Newly Released "Riding in Dignity": Coffee & Cake Book Q&A

May - The Mental Health of Your Horse: A Deep Dive

September - Riding Posture: Intermediate Course
                        Trauma Based Learning and Its Consequence

October - 2-Day Immersive Clinic October 2024


Bring your horse events:

February-Supercharge Your Horse Listening Skills

April - Developing the Skill of Long-Reining
            Mastering Lunging for Your Horse's Wellness

May- A Supple, Willing Partner: One Day Assessment June 2-Day Riding Clinic

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