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About the Marwari Horses

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The Marwari horse breed is currently designated as the most rare horse breed in the world. In fact, there are less than 1,000 Marwari horses in existence, and only about 30 outside of India. These horses have an incredibly rich history, and at one time were the chosen mount of the Maharaja, ridden into battle only by the likes of the Indian nobility due to their exceptional stamina and superior intellect.

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The breed’s most distinctive and well-known feature are their characteristic
“heart-shaped” ears, which they alone possess in the equine world. Among many things, the Marwari horses are exceedingly noble, hardy, sensitive, sensible, and exceptionally loyal animals. It takes a truly tactful and intuitive approach to develop a strong rapport with a Marwari horse, which has made the breed a perfect match for the gifts and training sensibility of Dr. Maria.

Dr. Maria is one of the nation’s foremost experts on the Marwari breed of horses. When at her home base of Ringoes, New Jersey, Katsamanis enjoys working with her own Marwari stallion, Bahadur, whose name means “brave one” in Hindi. Together, Dr. Maria and “Baba” Bahadur have been raising awareness about the breed at large and setting an example for ethical training practices at large.

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