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With a formal education as a clinical scientist, Dr. Maria Katsamanis wants to help you establish the ultimate connection with your horse. Through the resources she is offering, her hope is that you will allow her to break down the barriers and myths that block the path between horse and rider and allow you to experience the dance that is accessible to anyone regardless of age or breed.


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The website isn’t the only thing that is new. Dr. Maria has been hard at work writing, recording, and producing multimedia content to help take you to the next level with your horsemanship.

In addition to the book, “The Alchemy of Lightness“, co-authored with Dominique Barbier, Dr. Maria has created an online educational venue, “Horses with Dr. Maria the Online Course Center“. Her online venue will be constantly growing with courses that provide hours of hands on video lectures with horses and students giving you insights that you can instantly apply to the partnership with your horse.

Our first course in the “Creating Magic with Your Horse” series is now available!

This is my world...let it be yours!


Over the years, Dr. Maria Katsamanis has worked with a wide variety of horses, students, and peers in the equestrian profession. Here are just a few of the responses she has received from those who she has worked with and who admire her work and ability.





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