Listed below are a few of Dr. Maria Katsamanis’ favorite clinic topics. Clinics, lessons and training packages are entirely customizable. Dr. Katsamanis is available for clinics, seminars and public speaking throughout the United States and abroad. If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact Maria for availability and work with her one-on-one to customize the perfect clinic to fit your needs. If you are interested in attending a Dr. Maria Katsamanis clinic, please visit the News & Events page for a current list of dates and subscribe to the newsletter below to be notified of new dates and locations as they become available.

What is Kindness to the Horse

  • Kindness explained
  • A commitment to the physical comfort of the animal
  • Facilitating and maintaining emotional balance
  • What to look for in determining your horse’s physical happiness
  • One-trial learning (Tolman’s cognitive maps)
French Classical Tradition as a Method to Lightness

  • Historical outline on how Natural Horsemanship has its roots in Baucherism
  • French cavalry methods
Ground Work What to look for before you ever get on a horse

  • Assessing for safety
  • Determining readiness of horse and rider

What is the purpose of lunge-work

  • How to lunge correctly for balance
  • Lunge work to assess physical blocks
  • The Next Step: creating strategy to “unlock” your horse
The Lost Art of In-Hand Work

  • Demystifying it
  • The road to establishing balance
How Your Body Tells On You

  • How biofeedback methods can provide information on what your body is telling the horse
  • Proper breathing?
  • What is energy?
  • James-Lange theory
Overcoming Fear

  • Finding joy in your riding
  • “Out-of-the-Saddle” exercises to prepare for a better ride
  • Tips on achieving a balanced seat in the course of your day
Common Pitfalls

  • Developing a “good eye”
  • Developing your “psychic abilities” to forecast the following problems (from the ground up) AND knowing how to solve them to avoid injury
  • Mounting issues
  • Rearing
  • Bucking
  • Bolting
  • Refusals
  • Lack of Energy
  • Forward versus frantic
  • Use of spurs – pros and cons.


Dr. Katsamanis is currently accepting horses for training. Please contact us to inquire about sales, training packages, attending an upcoming clinic or arranging a private clinic (see under clinics topics that can be covered). We also offer training board for competitors as well as those who simply wish to refine their relationship.


the-alchemy-of-lightness-by-maria-katsamanisThere exists molecular gastronomy, molecular biology and molecular equation. And now….Molecular Equitation! The term, Molecular Equitation was coined in her book, “The Alchemy of Lightness”, co-authored with D. Barbier.    Molecular equitation, which is otherwise known as the scientific study of the interplay of mechanisms when horse and human meet, communicate and interact. Molecular equitation is not so much a technique as an approach, an approach from the viewpoint of the so-called basic sciences to provide basic ingredients key to the perfect ride, the perfect connection to our horses thereby making this accessible to anyone. If you have the desire to build the ultimate relationship with your riding partner, Dr. Maria Katsamanis is accepting students who wish to learn the basis of Molecular Equitation. Please contact Maria to customize an instructional package to fit your needs and help you reach your goals.  

Online Coaching

*****NEW UPDATE***** Dr. Maria Katsamanis has teamed up with the Behavioral Physiology Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico to provide educational services. Breathing Your Way to Better Riding Oftentimes it is through our bodies that we can connect to our emotions and thoughts. Connecting through the breath is a very simple, elegant and powerful first step to “knowing thyself.” Breathe work and the importance of being “centered” and present became a key element in the lessons. Breathing behavior is easily assessed and modified, particularly with the advances in portable biofeedback devices that provide instant feedback and opportunities to re-learn poor breathing habits. I say breathing because like other behaviors, breathing is based on the same principles. Poor breathing behavior can be quickly, easily, unintentionally and unconsciously learned but can like other habits be challenging to disengage, manage, modify or eliminate. The importance of breathework can not be undervalued since it is the easiest and most direct way to communicate with our horse. Poor breathing behavior can be as a result of: ~ fears we have about riding ~ the memory of an old injury and ~ the concern of re-injury ~ life stress Breathing Evaluations Assessment Services We offer Respiratory Fitness assessments in person and over the Internet. This is: 1. The Breathing Interview: $75.00. The interview is a brief 25 minute exploratory session based on the Breathing Interview Checklist completed by you prior to the session. 2. The Breathing Behavior Analysis: $250.00. During this 75-minute breathing behavior evaluation session, we use a CapnoTrainer to assist you in a self-discovery process for learning about your own breathing habits, and how they might be mediating physical symptoms and performance deficits Breathing Learning Packages Education Services If the evaluation determines that you are a good candidate for further education we have we have co-partnered with the Better Physiology Ltd, a New Mexico corporation located in Santa Fe, New Mexico to provide comprehensive learning programs to improve your breathing behavior. The services is solely educational and not meant to be medical. There is no diagnosis and there is no treatment involved. These learning experiences are web-based educational services that allow you to learn in the comfort of your home or barn! Internet sessions involve the rental of a CapnoTrainer®. Your practitioner operates the CapnoTrainer that you are using at home from our offices over the Internet, where (s)he can see your physiology in real time along with you. Please contact us to learn more. Consulting services are also available.

Equine Tours

Want to connect with the origins of Classical Horsemanship? We start with the countries of the apex corridor. Greece, India and Peru have a longstanding tradition of horsemanship that dates back to ancient times. They are areas on our planet where the magnetic energy of the earth is powerful. Whether you are interested in horse hunting, riding, or simply enjoying the tour, join us for a truly magical and transformational experience. The alliances we have forged in these countries will allow you to experience the delights of the land and the exquisite horses …..  To learn more about our upcoming tour to India Click Here

Horse Finder

Are you looking for your equine soul mate but do not want to search alone? Is your current horse NOT feeling like a soul mate? Are you a horsehair away from selling him/her??? Well, before you do consider re-evaluating your relationship with a clear lens. Matching horse and human is a magical journey. Let us be a part of that for you.