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Travel with Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Join Us for 7 Magical Days of Transformational Horsemanship in the Birthplace of the Marwari Horse, With World-renowned Trainer and Clinician,
Dr. Maria Katsamanis

You’ll learn directly from the Marwari horses, facilitated by Dr. Maria Katsamanis, bringing back with you lessons about connection, communication, and partnership that will change your relationship with your own horse – and all you meet – forever.

Dear friend, 

If you’re reading this, it’s because something has piqued your curiosity about the upcoming trip to India to spend time learning in the presence of the incredible Marwari horses, right here in their birthplace, under the hospitality of the Royal Mandawa Family, caretakers and stewards of this rare breed for the last 2,000 years.

I wanted to include this personal note here, because there are so many things I wish to share with you that don’t fit into the traditional “tour information” which is included below. 

Allow me to start with a story.

Many years ago, before I’d ever become involved with the Marwari horses, I knew I wanted to host equestrian tours as a part of my business. Besides the obvious fun of combining travel and horses, I wanted the opportunity to show students how to apply the tools of connection, communication, and wellness to any horse they would meet, so that they could see how quickly partnership, respect, and friendship could be reached, even with a strange horse – and show them how to bring that magic back to their own partnerships.

When we were putting together one of my first websites, my designer asked me what I wanted to put on the “Tours” page, and one of the first places to come out of my mouth was “India.” 

I didn’t know why. While I had many Indian friends and colleagues, I didn’t know anyone in India at that time. I’d never met a Marwari horse either. 

But I knew India needed to be on our list of places to go, along with Brazil, and Spain, and Austria, where I had deep ties to the equestrian communities.

Years later, after I’d come to be connected with the Marwari horses even riding some in England at the Royal Windsor grounds for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the founder of Voyager International and fellow horsewoman, called me up and said “Maria – I want to team up and create an equestrian tour to India and I want to do that with YOU.  I want you to meet some people there. I’ll arrange the whole thing.” 

It all came full circle. We were going to India.

This is a very special tour to me, and that’s why I only take a very small group.

Over the years, I’ve become close, personal friends with the Mandawa Royal Family, and they’ve graciously opened their home and famous hospitality to my guests. 

Their wish is to have me and our group back to Castle Mandawa and the Mandawa Stud Farm to work with their horses, because in their long-time stewardship of this special breed, they recognize the value in developing deep connection and communication with their horses. 

And so every year, the Mandawa family invites me to support their staff of horsemen and caretakers in further developing their skills and knowledge, the way all great horsemen continually seek to learn and grow.

It is my special privilege to work with these amazing horses, in their homeland, and to be able to invite a select group along with me to participate hands-on, while also enjoying everything the Castle Mandawa has to offer.

This year is extra special, as we’re opening the trip up to spouses and partners of our equestrian travelers as well. The Castle Mandawa offers so much – from sarafis to vintage cars, rally driving through the desert, exploring the deep history of the castle and surrounding region – there is truly something for everyone who has a desire to experience something unique when they travel.

Personally, this has been a deeply transformational trip for me, and those who have traveled with me, every time I have gone.

There’s a special magic about India, the Marwaris, and the deep history and joy of the Castle Mandawa.

It is the type of experience that words cannot adequately describe, and photos cannot fully capture. It must be experienced first-hand.

And it’s my special joy to be able to invite you along.

If you’re interested, read on. And if you’d like to inquire directly about joining us in February 2020, please click here, and we’ll schedule a time to speak about it personally.

In gratitude and lightness,

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Enter the World of the Marwaris

Castle Mandawa, Rajhastan, India | February 17-25, 2020

7 Day Trip to Discover the
Magic of the Marwari

You’ll travel with a small group into the heart of Rajhastan, India to the home of the Marwari horses- the rarest horse breed in the world. After you settle into your luxurious accommodations at Castle Mandawa, you’ll work with Dr. Maria to develop your riding through 7 days of in-depth lessons and training. To top off this riding experience of a lifetime, you’ll get the chance to explore India’s most incredible sights on horseback through guided safari excursions aboard the historic Marwari horses.

Enjoy Modern Luxury and Old World Hospitality

Your trip will be based out of the exquisite and luxurious
Castle Mandawa in Rajhastan, India

This iconic and historic castle was built in 1755 AD in a township that was a trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes from China to the Middle East.

The Castle boasts all the comforts of home (and then some!) plus all the luxury and amenities of a modern resort.

Castle Mandawa Amenities

85 Rooms (3 Royal Suites, 11 Suites, 36 Deluxe Rooms & 35 Standard Rooms)

Suites have Mini Bars, Tea And Coffee Maker, Heaters/ Air Conditioner, Safes

Attached bathrooms fitted with modern amenities including hair dryers

Telephones with internal Dialing Facility, Wi- Fi , 24 hr. Room Service, Coffee Shop, Reception Desk, Credit Cards, Doctor on Call

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Multi- Cuisine Restaurants, Bar, Satellite TV , Spa, Swimming Pool and a Jacuzzi, Children’s Swimming Pool

Travel Counter & Taxi Services, Motorcycle on hire

Modern Conference Facilities, LCD Projector & Theatre for Hollywood and Bollywood movies

Indoor Gym‚ Table Tennis

7-Day Trip Itenerary

Days 1-3

During the first three days of your stay, you will spend time connecting with your horse and working closely with Dr. Katsamanis in a state of the art, newly constructed indoor arena to establish the basic foundational principles of the alchemy of lightness. You’ll practice groundwork and proper lunging before moving on to connect with your horse in the saddle. After day 3, the goal is for you to become deeply connected with your mount so you can continue your tour feeling completely safe and in tune with your horse.

After your daily lesson, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and take in the beauty and rich history of this grand Castle and it’s breathtaking surroundings. Lounge by the pool, stop by the spa or enjoy a delicious gourmet meal- your time is your own!

Days 4-6

After settling in to your new surroundings and establishing the basics of lightness during the first three days of your stay, you’ll split your time between riding lessons in the morning and exciting afternoon safari excursions to satisfy your appetite for adventure and give you a taste of the local Marwari riding culture. You may ride to a nearby village or explore a wildlife sanctuary to spot some of the most amazing and exotic animals on the planet!

On longer trips, you’ll make a stop along the way for a catered, sit-down meal and get the chance to enjoy live entertainment including traditional music and dance while you dine.

Day 7

No trip to India is complete without a visit to one of the world’s most fantastic destinations (and one of the seven world wonders) the Taj Mahal! For the last leg of your stay, you’ll get the chance to travel to the city of Agra to visit the world famous destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. It’s the perfect ending to an unforgettable week full of fun, learning, and horses, immersed in the epicenter of India’s equestrian history and culture.

India Trip Photos

Luxury Tented Camps

If you wish, you can also arrange to stay a night in luxury camps set up in the wilderness! You’ll get to experience true “Old World” Indian hospitality in luxury tents and camps, where you are served gourmet sit-down meals by liveried staff in the middle of the wilderness.

Dr. Maria has teamed up with International Voyagers Inc. to provide you with a seamless and worry-free travel experience.

Travel Details

On this trip, you’ll travel to the heart of India with Dr. Katsamanis. You’ll get the royal treatment while staying at the historic and luxurious Castle Mandawa with every detail of your trip taken care of- so you can focus on getting the most out of your stay and your connection with the royal horses of India. Experience this enchanting destination with its magical and mythical horses and feel like royalty for a week. This is the trip of a lifetime!

Dr. Katsamanis has teamed up with International Voyagers Inc. to provide you with a seamless and worry-free travel experience. From the moment you step on the plane to embark on your tour in India, your every need will be catered to- so come expecting nothing less than the “royal” treatment!

With over 20 years of experience creating dream vacations for travelers, International Voyagers, Inc. will take care of everything you need on your tour- from securing your tavel visa, to booking your flight and other travel arrangements, to selecting the very best accommodations, to building the perfect itinerary- so all you have to worry about is relaxing and enjoying your trip of a lifetime.

International Voyagers Inc. has the experience, contacts, and insider knowledge of India’s top destinations so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your
tour to the fullest.

To learn more about Castle Mandawa,

Contact Dr. Maria for More Information

Amwell Ridge Farm
(732) 921-0565
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