Marwari’s for Sale

Rare opportunity to own this very exotic and noble breed.  While found in India, Marwari horses are rare with less than 30 outside of India.  The Indian government disallows export of these horses making it nearly impossible to own one.  Two Marwari  fillies, both 1 years old, are currently presented for sale.  They are located in Spain.  Serious inquiries only from prospective buyers who have a genuine interest in the breed.  The video is showing the mares of the fillies pictured above.

The Alchemy of Lightness

The Alchemy of Lightness What Happens Between Horse and Rider on a Molecular Level and How It Helps Achieve the Ultimate Connection Within these pages lies an ambitious study of the interplay of mechanisms put in motion when man and horse meet, communicate, and ultimately become one. Dominique Barbier and Dr. Maria Katsamanis examine how “lightness” is generated, using the simple and elegant basics of the universe–atoms and molecules–which exist all around us. Scientific findings and theoretical underpinnings allow us to better understand how lightness with a horse occurs–and how to harness it. Discover practical guideposts for the mechanics of “riding in lightness,” including: * Five common misconceptions about riding and horses * Seven keys to meeting the challenges we so often face when working with horses * Four elements necessary to ensuring the horse’s comfort and willingness to join us in “the dance” Click here to order!